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Go Back to School and Earn Your Online Degree

Go Back to School and Earn Your Online Degree
By Carey Dover

With the continuing hardships the majority of people all over the United States are experiencing in this time of economic crisis, one thing is certain. The hiring managers within the job market are beginning to realize what it means to have a degree. It really doesn't matter what kind of degree you have, as long as you have continued your education within some kind higher learning center, be it a university or a college, to earn it. Face it, these days if you don't have some kind of education past high school or a GED, you will most likely not be able to get a job anywhere.

Most people would think that because of the rise in unemployment rates, it would actually be easier to obtain some kind of employment just about anywhere. The fact is though, because many people are out of work that do have some sort of degree, they are all fighting for the same positions you are looking to get. And who exactly do you think will get the position? The more experienced businessperson with a BA in Science, or someone right out of high school looking for their first full time job. Or maybe you have been around the career block a few times and have quite a bit of experience under your belt in a particular area.

Let's say, for example, person "A" has been working as a top notch respected manager of a fortune 500 company, even though you never earned a degree in the area. Person A happened to be one of the lucky ones who were able to climb the ladder of success from the entry-level position right on up to the top within a few years. Then, for whatever reason, Person A found himself without a job one day.

Now imagine this situation. Another person, person "B", started from the entry-level position, just as person A did, and made his or her way to the top as well. They too found themselves looking for employment one day. Now in the event both person A and B apply for the same job, person B is going to get hired. Why, you ask? It is simple, really. You see, person B, while he was working all those hours every week, climbing his way to the top, decided to enroll in some college courses. And because he was with the same company for so long, he managed to work out a schedule around his work hours that allowed him to complete the courses. He then earned his BA in Business Management.

The Sad Truth

You see, these days employers know there is a massive amount of highly qualified people out there just begging for some kind of employment. Those employers also know that most of these people looking to seek employment are going to have some kind of degree. Probably the most important thing the potential employers are aware of is the fact that those same people with the degrees are going to be fighting for any kind of job, not just the good ones. What that means is, person B is going to be fighting for the job person A wants, even though person B may be overqualified for it. Even though person A might have more actual particular job experience for the position she is applying for, person B will get the job because he has a degree. This is what the downturn ion the economy has done to the employment world.

A Viable Solution

There is a solution, however. Person A, or more to the point, you, could apply to a college to earn your degree. It only takes a few minutes, and there are advisers who help you through the process as well. Now you might say with the economy the way it is, you will never be able to afford going to university. The fact of the matter is there is, depending on your particular situation, mounds of money to help you by way if financial aid. Even if you do not qualify for a full grant, there is always student loans. Most times, there is no credit check when applying for a student loan and the loan itself does not have to start being paid off until 6 months after you graduate.

There are no more excuses as to why you cannot earn your degree. If you have motivation and a few minutes to talk with an adviser who can help you pick the right classes and degree for you, you can go back to school.

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